White Crane Billing Solutions

Is This For Me?

As a psychologist in independent private practice, I was and am aware of how much of a problem there is in the process of billing insurance carriers for the work we do. I created White Crane Billing Solutions service bureau to handle this chore for psychotherapists, including myself. I have a passion for making sure that claims that should be paid DO get paid. The following information should be helpful to you in assessing whether this service is something you and your office would be interested in using.

Therapist Guide to Diagnostic Codes and Procedures

Kenneth L. Salzman, PhD
Owner & Licensed
Clinical Psychologist
3815 W Saint Joseph St
Lansing, Michigan 48917
phone/fax 517-321-3777

White Crane has been a Blue Cross & Medicare approved Billing Service Bureau serving therapists since 1991 and has been recognized by Blue Cross for Outstanding Support. 

What sort of office could use this service?

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What are the benefits of billing with White Crane Billing Solutions?

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Why White Crane Billing Solutions instead of other services?

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If I decide to use White Crane Billing Solutions, how does it work?

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White Crane Billing Solutions is a Service Bureau: what is the difference between a service bureau and a billing vendor?