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Is This For Me?

As a psychologist in independent private practice, I was and am aware of how much of a problem there is in the process of billing insurance carriers for the work we do. I created White Crane Billing Solutions service bureau to handle this chore for psychotherapists, including myself. I have a passion for making sure that claims that should be paid DO get paid. The following information should be helpful to you in assessing whether this service is something you and your office would be interested in using.

Therapist Guide to Diagnostic Codes and Procedures

Kenneth L. Salzman, PhD
Owner & Licensed
Clinical Psychologist
3815 W Saint Joseph St
Lansing, Michigan 48917
phone/fax 517-321-3777

White Crane has been a Blue Cross & Medicare approved Billing Service Bureau serving therapists since 1991 and has been recognized by Blue Cross for Outstanding Support.

What sort of office could use this service?

    • Small to moderate sized psychotherapy practice

    • Billing third party payers, including insurance, managed care and/or EAP

    • Limited tolerance for and/or interest in computerization and its attendant costs

    • Limited tolerance for and/or understanding of the billing process itself

    • Would like to replace current billing process

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What are the benefits of billing with White Crane Billing Solutions?

    • Full HIPAA compliance on electronic claims

    • No more pink sheets or complex insurance billing forms to fill in

    • FAST reimbursement turnaround time -- 10 days common for many claims

    • All insurance and managed care claims submitted to one location on one form

    • Faster notification of billing problems, pended claims

    • Effective troubleshooting assistance with problem claims

    • Personal support to maximize billing success

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Why White Crane Billing Solutions instead of other services?

    • Billing process is greatly simplified with simpler and fewer forms

    • Minimal change to your current billing process

    • No need to learn computers or computerize your office

    • Whenever possible, claims are submitted electronically

    • You retain full billing autonomy - no "packaged billing system" involved

    • Service is designed, owned and operated by a practicing Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    • Decades of experience with billing and solving claims problems

    • Enhanced Response File information on billings

      • All claims are itemized

      • All non-payment codes are in English

      • Pended claims are identified

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If I decide to use White Crane Billing Solutions, how does it work?

    • Go to How Do I Sign Up? and download the White Crane Registration Forms Instructions and Registration Forms files. View or print the instructions file for your reference as you proceed. The Forms file can, and preferably should, be filled out on your computer using any PDF reader. Please do complete it on your computer rather than trying to fill everything out by hand. Completing just the first page of the Forms file on your computer will automatically fill in most of the rest of the forms.

    • The instructions will give you details on what you will do with each of the various forms.

    • Then download the Subscriber And Client Information Form which you will use for each of the clients involved (once only for each client). These can also be best completed on your computer, but can be filled out by hand.

    • Your and your clients’ information will be entered and maintained at White Crane Billing Solutions.

    • According to YOUR billing schedule, you complete a Services Performed Reporting Form listing client's names and dates of service. Again, this is also easy to complete on your computer, but can be hand printed. Convey the Services Reporting form to White Crane by mail, fax or (using the secured version of the form) email.

    • White Crane Billing Solutions then generates the appropriate electronic and paper claims and transmits them to the carriers.

    • Reimbursement checks will come directly to you at your address.

    • As they appear, White Crane Billing Solutions retrieves, translates and sends to you billing feedback information received from the electronic billing systems. Not all insurers provide us with this.

    • When necessary, White Crane Billing Solutions assists you in resolving claims problems

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White Crane Billing Solutions is a Service Bureau: what is the difference between a service bureau and a billing vendor?