White Crane Billing Solutions


Kenneth L. Salzman, PhD
Owner & Licensed
Clinical Psychologist
3815 W Saint Joseph St
Lansing, Michigan 48917
phone/fax 517-321-3777

White Crane has been a Blue Cross & Medicare approved Billing Service Bureau serving therapists since 1991 and has been recognized by Blue Cross for Outstanding Support.

White Crane Billing Solutions
Billing Exclusively for Psychotherapists

A message from Kenneth L. Salzman, PhD

Owner and Licensed Clinical Psychologist:

Like you, I struggled with insurance billing, always dreading the process. So many forms, so many details. I just wanted to do psychotherapy. I wondered if I could make insurance billing easy. I could! What I did for myself, I can now do for you. We make insurance billing. . .


White Crane knows you don’t like complicated forms with rigid rules, so our forms are clear, simple and ask only for what is needed. You write 3/5 or March 5 or 0305 or 3-5? White Crane knows what you mean.

White Crane knows you don’t like forms. All of your insurance billing, for all of your clients, is done on one form, one sheet of paper. It’s that simple!


White Crane knows how to prepare your insurance bills correctly, reducing errors and rejections. White Crane knows which claims can be sent electronically, speeding up your reimbursements.

White Crane knows that psychotherapists bill for the same clients, procedures, diagnoses, and fees over and over, and makes use or this to reduce the time you spend filling out forms.

and more convenient...

White Crane knows you run your office your way. Bill weekly, monthly, whenever.... Bill according to YOUR schedule. Solo practice? Group practice? No problem.

White Crane knows the time spent doing your insurance billing can be spent more productively. For a very low fee, you can use the power of White Crane.