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Therapist Guide to Diagnostic Codes and Procedures

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White Crane has been a Blue Cross & Medicare approved Billing Service Bureau serving therapists since 1991 and has been recognized by Blue Cross for Outstanding Support.

Therapist Guide to Diagnostic Codes and Procedures

This is a short reference guide to commonly used procedure codes and the most commonly used subset of the ICD-10-CM diagnostic codes for mental health services. It is a one-page document that can be folded into a convenient 2 3/4 x 4 1/4" booklet.

Helpful Web Sites for Diagnosis and Procedure Coding

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Insurance Contact Information

This is a list of insurance contacts for BC/BCN, WPS Medicare and Commercial Insurers. If you find missing or erroneous listings, or if you have more updated information, please let me know.

Medicare PQRS Measures and documents

As of 2016, the number of measures that can be filed via claims has reduced to the point where you should be using one of the many commercial registries for PQRS reporting. Contact us if you would like the name(s) of such registries.